Who was involved?

I’ll give brief details of the events and the operators in those events. I do not see why this should not include details of those who claimed to help in the affair, but failed. If they had carried out their jobs to give a satisfactory explanation, I would not even be documenting this here.

Arguably preventable?

If I thought everything which could have been done to help was done, I would not be writing this. The investigation I asked for suggested a cover-up and denial of documented facts: people were dishonest or arrogantly disinterested. Important and very relevant information was left for me to find out after the event.

Have I considered or given due consideration to simple human error?

I think so. I have asked pertinent questions but still await answers. I have dealt with many organisations and many people, all or any of whom could have looked and listened and responded. At the time of reviewing this page—in yet another new year, January 2015—it is six years after the event and well beyond a reasonable time of trying, and giving ample chances to those entrusted with responsibility.

Why pursue it?

I have been astounded at the lack of interest by key individuals, and the incompetence I was exposing even though it involved a patient death, where there could have been real learning to prevent this occurrence with others. To them I imagine it was just another statistic amongst many. I was another ‘complainer’ and the fact that my son had lost his life appeared irrelevant to thorough investigation.

What stinks?

Well, I had raised a written complaint even before my son’s death (and even this was delayed in the hope of getting better attention). I had appealed several times for attention—appeals brushed aside by our ‘family’ GP doctors’ Practice of over 30 years, and then later too-eagerly denied.

I had even approached my MP (member of parliament) before the incident, because of the lack of options and denials of assistance by medical Practitioners. I was not aware of where to otherwise ask.  The PALS (patient advice and liaison service) for the GPs and the NHS Trust, had been next to useless. Obviously the wider family was aware of my son’s illness, and I had voiced the problems we had to some of them. I spoke to close friends about what was happening, and about my extreme worries about the likely outcome if nothing was done. Personal statements and dated documents will confirm this.


The deceit and incompetence that I’ve witnessed is why I have continued this ‘mission’ for the sake of my lost son, and a promise I made myself when I was with him when he was peacefully at rest during my last sight of him; ever.

I have found some who have listened and possibly have saved my life in doing so – kept me on a track of sanity – and I am very grateful for that help where I sought it and, especially, where it was not sought. I have certainly been driven to complete frustration and have lost 1000s of hours of sleep over the waste and incompetence. I am sure that is part of the whole system’s defence strategy: you will give way or break down, eventually.

I will add that I was warned very early on by industry Professionals that I was wasting my time and ultimately allowing it to take over and destroy my life further. It was a well know fact that there was no NHS complaints procedure of any merit, and that the PHSO regiment (Ombudsman) were apologists for NHS negligence. So it has proved through well more than a whole term of ‘Ombudspersons’.