Thanks to:

All those who have helped, and tried to help, before Nick’s premature death and, afterwards, in trying to make sense of it all, and to change how things were for us by supporting, listening and learning; and helping us -the survivors- cope with a changed life:

All those volunteers, charities, groups, fundraisers, friends, ex-professionals, and active professionals more dedicated to their work and grasp of the problems than those who get No Thanks.

SOBS; SBCS; Rethink; Mind; Papyrus; Carers; Local carers group; Solihull Carers; Meriden Family; PHSOthefacts; PHSOthtruestory; Kings Fund / Avoidable Deaths;

No Thanks to:

All those who obstructed, failed, found excuse, floundered, kept quiet, stood-back, deceived, denied, aggravated, and finally betrayed their respective employs and chosen callings:

– Our (ex) GPs NHS advice: “If you think that you (or a relative or friend) might be experiencing some form of mental ill-health you should make an appointment with your GP (your usual family doctor).” Ours had no intention of advising us, or following guidelines, recommendations, rules, principles – not even Acts of Parliament – in providing ‘Care’. Couldn’t be bothered to engage. This warranted serious complaint but they couldn’t even account accurately for what they had done to us and our son in relation to what we saw happen: couldn’t be bothered to investigate.

– Our so-called ‘Trust’ for mental health front line services – disorganised, faulty and weak; who knew that mental health difficulties were best treated by involving family as per NICE Guidelines; or with a softly softly first approach and engaging Carers, also as advised – but not according to the un-resourceful ‘Lyndon Resource Centre’, who only knew barge-in confrontation and pressure tactics. Even threats. Then the lies (Documented!)

– Our so-called health services Ombudsman  with an arrogant determination to deny, deflect and hush-up complaints; and who twist the rules any-which-way to justify ignoring fact; then tell us with straight faced and callous ignorance that our son’s death was “not worthwhile investigating”, and that doctors’ failures and dishonesty “make no difference” to Outcome; the Ombudsman who considers her/his “powers of Discretion” to ignore evidence and fact was more important than saving lives through action. My heart goes out to every bereaved parent who reports the same harm; abuse; denials of the PHSO when they could have made a difference.

Our (ex) MP who I approached for help even before our son died because Solihull PCT, GPs and Mental Health Trust had either rejected requests for help or just turned up late with ‘bludgeon’ tactics. Our MP didn’t feel able to contest or question the nonsense that was the Ombudsman’s response “no worthwhile outcome” and who obviously was not connected into Constituents’ problems with Government services.

Our successive MP for being so gullible to believe the Government’s Quango office of the PHSO without question as to why this “impartial” and “independent” body thought my son’s life was “in any case” limited. It had been down to (and promised) by chief Oracle PHSO R Behrens to answer, but refusing to respond to that question… obvious very awkward. Another question: “But with such wisdom, why doesn’t the PHSO use it to prevent other unforeseen calamities? More deaths?”. My son Nick would have seen through this corruption with more clarity – and Honesty.

– Our national General Medical Council who tell us that a certain “threshold” of patient deaths is required before investigating a medical practitioner, and that evidenced GP deceit does not affect their “Fitness to Practise”. They don’t even keep a record of patient deaths per GP so heaven knows when that ‘threshold’ is reached. Business as usual for the GMC = Treat patients as the fools they are. Doctor knows best.

The Patients Association, who are here to help patients get the care they need and flag up problem areas nationally. Or as a communication from them recently revealed “The role of our Helpline team is to provide advice and access to relevant information and signposting to relevant sources of help and advice to assist patients and their families including people who wish to complain to achieve the resolution they are looking for…” (⊙_⊙’). The current status of this charitable body is in my opinion in rapid decline having no visible power and effect, and, as with the PHSO a leaning to good PR status. Don’t be taken in by any flashy “Patient Over Politics” NHS-partner websites that promise a worth but, in failing to deliver, then claim “you could not really expect that of us”.

It’s why the NHS is in such a mess. Most likely.

IMHO the NHS would not be so cash-strapped if they did not have to keep dealing with the same dire conditions permitted – nay denied – by the above ‘helpers’.

No thanks to the above, indeed.

Nick was generous, gracious, honest, truthful, cooperative and smart. A gentleman; but in need of the help he was unable to ask for. His last messages were the clue to his resolve; and were terrifying.

May our poor, son Nick rest in peace away from the pain that troubled him and the people that let him down in his hour of need and then lied their way out of malpractice. I know I was one who let him down – but then I had a natural trust those above knew what they were doing. Never again.