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Help for all those who have been destroyed by a public services complaints system leading them into the Ombudsman ‘experience’. Visit this page to find out what happens:

Who helped us?



Anthony Collins



Friends and neighbours; and especially our son’s old friends who keep in touch.

But will anything change or has anything changed as a result of our experiences?

This is the question most complainants want answering when they speak up to find out what went wrong. I can surely state that as a result of everything the Ombudsman did the answer is YES. It made things a whole lot worse. Nothing positive was seen or understood as output from that office.  That just built on the  dismissive NHS responses we’d already had.

Fortunately I can report that in finding ‘helping hands’ via the internet, we have been able to instigate important changes with (hopefully) far reaching effects for future sufferers: that’s another story.

If you have been troubled by NHS ‘lack of candour’, think about signing a petition such as:

A legal ‘Duty of Candour’ in Healthcare – “Robbie’s Law” Petition | GoPetition



In relation to the operation of the PHSO

Dear Rob Behrens (PHSO)

A welcome to your new position at the PHSO may be due. You are the third in your position I have tried to address but all efforts have been sidelined, or derailed or denied.

I am writing briefly to express my complete disbelief in your process and the total incompetence of people involved in it. You have taken over a broken and corrupt system designed to wear down complainants potentially to self-harm rather than to resolve and learn from issues.

Unfortunately you have some unpleasant arrogant people as your new charge, not helped by the indifference and sheer incompetence of Dme J Mellor your predecessor. Issues were not dealt with but were merely swept under the carpet as, for instance, facts were with the Hillsborough stadium debacle. The problems you have inherited may turn out to be worse than that unless tackled and stopped now.

(1) History of just one case: my complaint HS 224883 UNRESOLVED after 8½ years of debilitating effort and 3 separate case numbers, was the third attempt by your office to deal with it. It is related to the avoidable death of my son Nick who died negligently isolated from services by his GP and Trust ignorance of procedures.

Both the GP Practice and the Trust involved, BSMHFT, have now weakly admitted lying about treatment and lying about investigations in some way or another. The case is not resolved or finished; as I have informed you at every contact since your last report – which I termed as incomplete, trash and unfit for purpose of resolution under your Principles.

The GP would like to ‘vanish’ their negligence, whilst the Trust have responded equitably and fairly in improved practices and procedures with my volunteered input, but not recognised their full act of negligent harm done to my son, or their denials (now shown  as intent potentially to pervert justice and therefore avoid prosecution) in (i) Coroners Inquest and (ii) a rejected private Claim; then (iii) a potential fraudulent CQC claim of ‘excellence’ despite concealed active and serious complaint, and (iv) potential GMC attention re Fitness to Practice for admitted deceit and/or negligence in investigation.

(2) My complaint on PHSO behaviour and attitudes expressed long before writing on 4/12/13 still with no open investigation, and still no response as promised several times as I imagine to silence my appeals. I am staggered that you do not have a service complaint log (according to you FOI responses), and no procedure to track progress of those complaints. J Mellor was never aware of the true value of this except in vacant words: you still have no complaint system of any worth. Your people continually flout Disability and Equality Acts, over and above which the PHSO continues to operate, the while regarding abuse of a mental disability as a ‘discretionary’ consideration. In your last communication the PHSO appeared to create new NHS policy on-the-fly in excusing negligent actions by saying it would not have made any difference to the outcome, despite massive professional evidence to the contrary.

Please do not dismiss this ‘complaint’. The PHSO have tried to destroy what’s left of my life but I intend to get to the bottom of this corruption and intend to publish all moves to silence me.

Thank You

C N Rock

cc BSMHFT for information on the status of this complaint; Solihull CCG in relation to Bernays and Whitehouse Practice; cc GMC; PACAC for reference in forthcoming Government annual review of PHSO value for money