I’m going to break down the story into the relevant operators or players. The postion I’m reflecting is an update to this web site as at September 2017. My son became ill in 2002 and died in 2008. So we are looking at a large slice of time with much worry and stress not made any easier by the negligence shown by the ‘players’; the services asked to engage in support or a resolution still not attained.

I’m now 69 and I do not wish to have to extend this ‘farce’ of game for much longer. It’s too painful and affects my life daily. You don’t forget a lost child; a son or daughter lost to insane and inexplicable circumstances. You want answers clear of misrepresentation, jargon and hype. Your life changes and the stress shows. Your health suffers.


As an aside but not unrelated to previous comment, I recently had treatment at Solihull Hospital in a routine operation requiring some months recuperation. Whilst there, I witnessed such excellent service—and I was so pleased to see that. I noted that there was room for improvement in that there appeared to be some workers maybe with the right spirit and intention but were not pulling their weight. My strong impression was that services were being carried by the ward doctors, nurses and orderlies who kept the whole ‘machine’ moving in the right direction. These were dedicated people who would cope 24/7 with patients’ upsets, needs and foibles. With a smile, too.

My ‘procedure’ was a success (to date…) and I would extend sincere thanks to all those who helped with my (perhaps not unexpected) nervousness and sensitivity to being ‘under’ the NHS. I apologise if I was any trouble.

I wish I was able to report such dedication of the GPs and mental health teams who had failed us in previous years, and continued to deny the damage and the falsehoods they had promoted.

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